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This article refers to the basic concepts of Exalted's Abilities system. For the list of all articles in this Category see:

Abilities exist in both First Edition and Second Edition as the core foundation of a character's proficiencies and skills. There are 25 Abilities, which combine with the 9 Attributes to dictate how well any character can perform at any given task.

Major Edits

  • Ialdabaoth's Knowledges System - combines the multiple Crafts Abilities into a single Craft Ability, and manages Craft, Lore, Occult and Linguistics identically (as well as providing the same 'branching' functionality to any other Abilities).

Storytelling Concepts

  • Abilities (In Character) - A way of conceptualizing how the Loom of Fate manages Abilities, and therefore how Gods and the Exalted (and Mortals in the know) refer to their prowess.