Abyssal Charm edits for Social Conflict

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War Charms

Morale-Shattering Method

see Mob-Dispersing Rebuke.

Integrity Charms

Eternal Enmity Approach

This charm may only target a Passion (Compassion) or Ideal / Belief (Conviction) intimacy; Taboos (Temperance) and Duties (Valour) are invalid targets.

Five Hearts Hatred

This charm can only create an Ideal / Belief (Conviction) or Passion (Compassion) intimacy. For MDV modifiers, treat it as a Motivation (+ or - 3) rather than as an Intimacy. The strength of the Intimacy is equal to the Virtue it is based on. The strength of this Intimacy is never reduced by acting against it. However, acting in accordance with or against the Intimcay affects Virtue Channel gain and loss normally.

Heart of Darkness

see Temptation-Resisting Stance.

Lesser Horrors Scorned

This charm works precisely as described in the Manual of Exalted Power: Abyssals.

Freedom in Slavery Understanding

When activated this charm removes all ongoing unnatural influences and any natural compulsions which the Abyssal wishes to remove. Ignoring an influence to activate this charm does not cost a virtue channel or a point of willpower.

Performance Charms

Morbid fascination Style

see Respect Commanding Attitude.

Inescapable Massacre Technique

This charm provides an immediate Performance based social attack with automatic successes equal to the Abyssal's Essence to create a Taboo (Temperance) type Intimacy to not leaving or avoiding combat, as unnatural mental influence. Resisting this Intimacy costs 3 willpower, at which point it evaporates. Fair-folk may not resist.

Haunting Apparition Trick

see Phantom-Conjuring Performance .

Soul-Desiccating Style

see Heart-Compelling Method -- this version can only inflict passion type intimacies related to negative emotions, but costs 3 Willpower to resist.

Irresistable Succubus Style

see Husband-Seducing Demon Dance -- this charm only creates Passion type intimacies of Lust, but ignores any taboos the target has against particular types of sexual activity. In addition if the Abyssal makes a presence-based social attack against a character which is supported by this Lust intimacy during the same scene as it was created then that attack becomes unnatural mental influence with a cost of 3 willpower to resist.

Lies that Tell Themselves

see Memory-Weaving Discipline.

Elegy for the Fallen

The primary effect of this charm is exactly as in the book. The Compulsion to show oneself is an automatic social attack which creates the compulsion as unnatural mental influence -- and costs 1 willpower to resist.

Presence Charms

Poisoning the Will

see Hypnotic Tongue Technique.

Broken Heart Triumph

This charm supplements a Presence based social attack targeted at a positive intimacy or emotion (of any sort) and makes the attack unnatural. On a Succesful attack the target may spend two willpower immediately to resist the effects of the charm. If the willpower is replaced by a similar but completely opposed intimacy of equal strength. If the willpower are spent then the subject is immune to this charm for the rest of the scene.

When used by an Abyssal with Essence 4 or higher this charm may target a mortal's (but not an essence user's) Motivation instead of an intimacy. If the attack is successful and the target lacks enough willpower to resist then the target loses his motivation and replaces it with a new un-heroic one.

Do Heroic Mortals Really Become Extras? Why Not Make Them Ordinary Mortals?

Soul-Flaying Gaze

see Terrifying_Apparition_of_Glory.

Chaining the Weak

see Worshipful Lackey Acquisition.

Sanity-Eroding Diatribe

The Abyssal makes an unblockable Presence based social attack against the target. Instead of creating any kind of influence the damage is applied directly to Limit or Resonance. The target may spend two willpower immediately to avoid this gain. If the target is not capable of gaining Limit or Resonance then the damage is instead removed from temporary willpower (and this drain cannot be avoided). Otherwise this charm behaves identically to the one written in the book.

Investigation Charms

   ALL INVESTIGATION CHARMS: whenever a penalty or difficulty of (Manipulation + Socialize)/2 is mentioned, replace it with (Manipulation + Socialize + Essence)/2. 

Soul-Invading Glance

This charm's primary effect is identical to that written in the book. In addition it exerts an automatically sucesful presence-based social attack to create a taboo-type intimacy against remembering the charm's use as unnatural mental influence. This influence costs 1 willpower to resist and vanishes once it has been resisted once.

Corpse Questioning Technique

This charm permits social conflict with a corpse.

Occult Charms

Spirit-Desolating Sphere

see Spirit Repelling Diagram.


Scathing Cynic Attitude

see Sagacious Reading of Intent.

Screaming in Silence

When used against an unwilling target this charm provides an unblockable Linguistics-based social attack (with bonus dice equal to essence) to create a compulsion to allow the Telepathic contact as Unnatural Mental Influence. This influence costs 3 willpower points to resist, and doing so renders the target immune to this portion of the charm for the rest of the scene. Otherwise this charm behaves normally.

Soul-Snaring Tract

see Twisted Words Technique.

Socialise Charms

Exquisite Etiquette Style

see Mastery of Small Manners.

Bitter Sweetness of Betrayal

Upon activation of this charm the Abyssal makes the roll exactly as stated in the charm, and the number of excess successes should be noted down as the strength of the charm's effect on the target -- the Abyssal must also specify whether the charm involves violent or non-violent betrayal. Whenever the affected target interacts with a person to whom they hold a positive intimacy that person is automatically targeted by an unblockable social attack with no dice but with automatic successes equal to the strength of the charm's effect intended to create a compulsion to betray the target as unnatural mental influence, which costs one willpower to resist. In addition if the attack is successful it also creates a conviction type intimacy of unnatural strength to the belief that the betrayal was the character's own idea -- overcoming this costs an additional two willpower points over and above the cost to resist the primary influence.

Cancerous Dissent Technique

I'm not really sure how to redo this one

Hate Sowing Bitterness

This charm can only create negative Passion type intimacies, it can destroy any kind of positive intimacy.