Area of Effect in Mass Combat

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Area of Effect Attacks

Some charms, spells, or artifacts affect large areas simultaneously, and in massed combat such attacks can be very effective. When making such an attack the attacking sorcerer suffers no penalty for targeting a complementary unit based upon the unit's magnitude. Furthermore each such attack has an Area of Effect Rating based upon the size of the are it effects:

Rating Area

(square yards)



0 <2 <1
1 2-10 1-2
2 11-75 3-5 Unstoppable Fountain of the Depths,

Geyser of Corrosion

3 76-150 6-7 Cantata of Empty Voices
4 151-300 8-10
5 301-650 11-14
6 651-1250 15-20
7 1251-2500 21-28
8 2501-5000 29-40 Death of Obsidian Butterflies
9 5001-10000 41-56

When an area of effect attack is made against a complementary unit the attacker gains a number of automatic successes equal to the lower of the attack's AoE Rating and the target unit's magnitude. This bonus is affected by Formation the same way as the ranged attack bonus, similarly shield and cover bonuses against AoE attacks are modified by Fromation the same way as for ordinary ranged attacks. If the attack is one which has no attack roll these automatic successes (potentially modified by formation) become instead additional dice of damage.

In addition a number of special characters in the target unit up to the attack's (AoE Rating ÷ 2) are affected by the attack as if they were within its area of effect in ordinary combat -- no penalties to hit are applied for targeting individuals within a complementary unit, and if the unit has more characters in it than can be affected this way then the controller of the target unit gets to pick which ones are. The number of characters affected this way is modified by Formation in the same way as the ranged attack bonus.