Books of Sorcery Vol.1: Wonders of the Lost Age

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This page covers minor fixes and errata for the Book of Sorcery Vol. I: Wonders of the Lost Age. These can be found in page order in the long list below. Any areas which provoke more than about a paragraph of discussion should be spun off into their own subpage.

Errata Legend
p. 666 – Objects with a red background are official errata. These were published by the White Wolf developers.
Source: Official Errata (provide download name or date)
p. 555 – Orange background signifies comments from the authors and developers. These are semi-official and taken from e-mails, conversations and messageboards.
Source: Author or Developer (provide source such as "WW Forum" or "Conversation 01-01-2001"
p. 444 – Text with a blue background is an unofficial, fan-written clarification that explains confusingly written rules or tries to make sense out of contradictory texts.
Source: Wiki User name
p. 333 – Objects with a green background are small unofficial, fan-made houserules that attempt to fill the holes in the Exalted system. These are only suggestions. Speak to your Storyteller about these.
Source: Wiki User name

Chapter One: A History of Wonders

Chapter Two: The Purview of the Golden Barque

Chapter Three: The Purview of the Cerulean Lute

Chapter Four: The Purview of the Crimson Panoply

Chapter Five: The Purview of the Forbidding Manse

Chapter Five: The Purview of the Violet Bier

Appendix: Warstriders

p. ??? – Warstriders gain bonuses from the Five Magical Materials.
Source: [Official Errata]
p. 152 – The text here states that most warstrider weapons take 12 motes to attune, whilst especially large ones can take up to 18 motes, this directly contradicts the table on p.160.
Source: Bazzalisk
p. 160 – The table here gives attunement costs for warstrider melee weapons identical to those for the ordinary sized versions in the corebook, this directly contradicts the text on p.152
Source: Bazzalisk
p. 160 – Probably the easiest way to make the values agree with those on p.152 would be to double the commitment costs on the table and then add two to them, this will result in most of them being 12, and the Grand Daiklave being 18 and the fire-lancs having an attunement cost of 6. Alternative formulae are, of course, perfectly possible.
Source: Bazzalisk
p. 152, p. 160 – Where the text and the table dissagree, the text is correct.
Source: [Official Errata]

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