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A page dedicated to new Charm Keywords and the houserules of the existing Keywords.

New Solar Charm Keywords - Ialdabaoth's Solar Charm Keyword revision

Official New and Updated Keywords

In the Thousand Correct Actions pdf, White Wolf released a list of new and updated Charm Keywords. They are included below.

Action-Only: A reflexive Charm with this keyword can only be activated on a tick when the character acts and only once per tick. It may not be used on the ticks between actions.

Cooperative: Close contact means that each participating Dragon-Blood must be within five yards of one or more other participants to harmonize animas.

Dynasty: A Charm with this keyword has special effects on human descendants and occasionally other blood relatives. For these purposes, a blood relative is defined as anyone with whom the character shares a common ancestor no more than five generations back. A descendant is anyone who traces direct lineage to the Exalt, regardless of the number of generations. Some Charms differentiate between relatives who are mortal versus Dragon-Blooded, as noted in their description. Celestial Exalted are never considered blood relatives or descendants unless a Charm explicitly says so.

Elemental: When the same or different Charms list effects that vary by element which are functionally identical, these effects never stack. For example, a target choking on seawater cannot have his action delayed more than three ticks by repeatedly hitting him with further action-delaying attacks. Some common Elemental effects function differently than printed. The -2 internal penalty for buffeting should be a -1 external penalty. Charms that induce knockback or knockdown with a successful hit always function and do not afford a roll for the victim to avoid falling prone. Further, hurling someone back or prone is a Knockback effect and only imposes the buffeting penalty on complementary unit targets unless the Charm encompasses most of the area the unit occupies. References to bonus levels of damage (usually via fire) add dice instead. Wood toxins are a Poison effect and any penalties they impose are internal. Although they do not stack, these toxins automatically take hold with a successful hit to impose their usual penalty; the victim receives no roll to avoid this. For reference, the Wood anima toxin is: Damage (Essence)L/action, Toxicity (Essence), Tolerance None, Penalty –(half Essence) and inflicts one dose per action to each victim who makes skin-to-skin contact, whether momentary or continuous.

Holy: A complementary unit primarily composed of creatures of darkness is itself considered such for the purpose of Holy Charms.

Leader #: Any character capable of acting in mass combat may use Charms as explained on p. 166 of Exalted, including unit commanders. However, applying non-Excellency Charms to enhance the entire unit's action or to extend the benefits of a personal Charm to the entire unit normally require justification as a form of special stunt. Charms with the Leader keyword do not require this justification and have the same overall function in mass combat when leading a complementary unit as they do normally, whether to enhance the unit or the unit's actions. Unit bonuses also apply normally to use of these Charms. Unless specific differences are noted, Leader Charms operate identically in both personal and mass combat. When the Leader keyword lists a number beside it, an Exalt must have that Essence rating to apply the Charm to a unit she leads. Cooperative Charms with a Leader function allow the led unit to join with its special characters to produce the usual magnified effect. By definition, Charms with the Leader keyword automatically have the War keyword. Leader Charms with grappling benefits only apply those benefits to clinch special characters or solo units, as complementary units are invalid targets of such attacks.

Purity #: Charms with this keyword channel the Elemental Dragons through birthright, requiring the minimum Breeding indicated in parentheses to learn them. The Eclipse anima and similar powers allow these Charms to be learned without Breeding as though their minimum Essence was one dot higher. The steady dilution of the Dragon-Blooded race has made Purity magic vanishingly rare, almost legendary. Knowing about each of these Charms requires an (Intelligence + Occult) roll at a difficulty of the highest minimum trait required for them. Incidentally, this is also the difficulty to know about the special support effects of each Terrestrial Charm capable of aiding Celestial Exalted leaders, as the Immaculate Order does its utmost to stamp out this heretical knowledge.

War: All special characters in a complementary unit and that unit's champion during mid-battle duels are fellow officers to one another. If a Charm functions differently when targeting a fellow officer, it deactivates if that relationship no longer applies due to either character leaving the unit. Cooperative Charms ignore their usual range limit for close contact when used by fellow officers, as the unit itself conducts the harmonization.

Found at: [Official Errata]