Clarification of Charm use in 2nd Edition Mass Combat

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Non-(Reflexive/Supplemental) Charms with the "War" keyword

Scroll of Kings makes it clear (pp. 115 - 118) that only Excellencies can be used to enhance a unit's actions without using a stunt of some sort. Other Reflexive and Supplemental Charms can enhance a unit's actions if a stunt is used. Extra Action and Simple Charms seem to be prohibited from enhancing units in Mass Combat.

  • While it is not stated anywhere explicitly, it seems obvious that Simple and/or Extra Action Charms with the "War" keyword would be exempt from this prohibition (otherwise many would be useless).

Extending "per-individual" Charm effects to "per-Magnitude"

On p. 162 of the Second Edition Core Rules (under Other Unit Rules - Targeting), it states that "Effects that extend to multiple targets must be capable of affecting a number of individuals equal to the unit's Magnitude to affect the unit." Many of the Dragon-Blooded War Charms (and a few other Charms) refer to a cost per individual. It seems ludicrous to believe that these "War" charms cannot be applied to mass combat units (or that it would cost 125 motes to apply them to a Talon of infantry, on a per-person basis).

  • A reasonable and useful interpretation of the rule quoted above, is that when applied in Mass Combat such Charms have a cost-per-Magnitude equal to the normal cost-per-individual.

HouseRules for specific Charms in Mass Combat

Since the MOEP:Dragon-Blooded and the 2nd Edition Core Rules were being finalized at the same time, it is widely accepted that many things in MOEP:Dragon-Blooded do not interact smoothly with certain subsystems in the 2nd edition Core Rules (to wit: DB Charms and the Social Combat system). Several of the Dragon-Blooded Charms have been houseruled to work more smoothly with the Mass Combat rules, given the clarifications listed above.

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