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This article refers to physical combat on a small scale. For other types of combat see: Mass Combat and Social Combat

Combat is the physical resolution of conflict using the rules of the game. Combat is different for First and Second Edition.

It involves a small number of Exalted, typically less than 10 in actual gameplay though more participants might be included, particularly if they are extras. Combat begins with a Join Battle action and uses regular ticks, which each approximate one second, to track the progress of time. Combat allows Essence Users to use one charm or combo per action. Each Exalted type has their own unique advantages during Battle, for example Dragon-Blooded can use multiple reflexive charms within the span of one action without the need for a combo.

Major Edits

Second Edition

The Armorium
A supplement containing dozens of weapons, both mundane and artifact ones. It also has some purty pictures.
Useful Overwhelming
A rule from the Armorium that makes the O tag useful even for high essence Exalts
Abstract Movement
A system for combat movement which is a little more abstract than the standard one.
Simple Combat
A number of smaller tweaks that greatly simplify the amount of book keeping neccessary in combat.
Degrading Ping
A rules hack to minimum damage during flurries, which makes flurries less dominating and defenses a bit stronger.

First Edition