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Official Errata

For a list of officially downloadable Errata PDF files see below. For more information, see the Errata article on this wiki.

Official Material

Character Sheets

A list of links to websites featuring a number of downloadable Character Sheets for Exalted:

  • White Wolf, official character sheets for Exalted First and Second Edition.
  • Bazzalisk, Solar, Dragon-Blooded, Lunar, Mortal, NPC, and Mass-combat sheets for 2nd Edition. Extensive sheets with many similarities to voidstate's, featuring tick-boxes for generic charms and paper-clip trackers for essence, DV, and ticks. All are A4 sized.
  • Democritus, 3 page Solar, Lunar, Sidereal and Dragon-Blooded character sheets. Sheet 1: Basics, Sheet 2: Combat, Sheet 3: Charms & Combos. All sheets are in landscape format and can be printed on A4 and Letter without problems.
  • HertzaHaeon, Lots of character sheets. Four- and five-page PDF character sheets for Solars, Dragon-Blooded, Lunars and Sidereals.
  • Melissa Uran, Graphical second edition character sheets with two pages each.
  • Mr. Gone, A lot of character sheets for different character types.
  • Nightwind, Solar & Sidereal character sheets. An interactive Solar sheet and a non-interactive Sidereal sheet.
  • Voidstate, Solar character sheet. Very extensive and detailed character sheet with unique sections for social and mass combat
  • Lookshy, Character sheets for almost all character types. Very detailed savable sheets.

Storyteller Screens and Cheat Sheets


Indices and Lists

Name Generators




  • Anathema (1st and 2nd Edition) is an all-round Exalted toolkit, offering character generation & campaign management functions. It will allow you to generate and print characters from any of the 5 Exalt types, as well as keep tabs on experience expenditure, and where was it used.
  • Ed's Exalted Toolkit (1st and 2nd Edition) is a suite of Windows programs designed to create and keep track of all of your Celestial and Terrestrial Exalted characters and NPC's.

Fan Projects

  • 25 Lotus Petals (1st Edition) is a list of the best 25 Martial Arts Styles from the unofficial Exalted Wiki
  • The Armorium (2nd Edition) is a re-balanced and expanded collection of weapons, and an in-progress project on the wiki.
  • Forgotten Suns (1st Edition) is a 68 page introductory adventure.
  • Sol Invictus (1st Edition) is a set of high essence Charms for Solar Exalted.

Other Resources