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This page explains the organisational logic behind Fixalted, and as such, may change!

Feel free to add new content to the wiki, but pelase try and follow the guidelines below. If you disagree with any of the layout choices, then either start up a discussion on the talk page here or a new thread over on

1) Minor Fixes and Errata

This section of the wiki covers alterations to individual charms et.c found in the books. This area is divided based on the book we're discussing and each book has it's own page. This page will run down each fix/errata in page order and will clearly indicate if the additions is a:

  • Official White Wolf errata
  • A comment from the developer
  • A clarification from one of us
  • A house-rule from one of us

Each fix/errata should state the page number it comes from (if you don' know off when you're editing, just leave ??) and should also be signed to indicate who added it (just click the second button from the right on the editing toolbar).

Please try and keep to the correct formatting - if you're not sure how, either copy and paste something that is formatted correctly, or just add your fix in plain text with a note requesting that someone prettify it when they can.

If the section for any charm gets too long (an entirely subjective judgement!) then it'll get split off into it's own subpage. This subpage should say at the top what book the Charm comes from and provide a link back to that page, and should then clearly run through the problems associated with the Charm and the suggested fixes.

Major Edits

This section covers more sweeping changes to entire subsystems. These changes are organised by category from the main page. Each category then has it's own index page which links to the individual fixes themselves. This index page should also include a brief paragraph on what the Major Edit is designed to do. The indivudal pages for each Major Edit can be laid out as the author wants, but I'd strongly reccomend putting in an introductory paragraph about the Edit at the start.

Complete Overhauls

This section is for huge changes that throw out all the rules in the core books. Each Overhaul is currently linked to off the front page (though if the list of them gets to long, an index page seems sensible). I'd reccomend that (once again) each Complete Overhaul begins with an introductory paragraph laying out the aims and objectives of the Overhaul.

Other Resources

This section contains everything else! SEriously speaking, it contains links to a series of index pages which themselves link to various other websites, cool quotes etctera. Feel free to expand this section.