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This page is a reference to various general changes to the rules for gaining and using Charms

Reflexive Charms


The rule that (other than Dragon-Blooded) Exalts may only use a single charm or combo per action, combined with a dearth of persistent defense-boosting charms, leads to the necessity to use combos in order to have a viable defense while using offensive charms.

Possible Fixes

Unlimited Use of Reflexive Charms for All Essence Users

Allowing all Exalts and Essence Users to use Reflexive charms, er...reflexively (ie unlimited use of Reflexive charms, in the same way that Dragon-Blooded can)... has been suggested by many. This would allow the use of offensive charms without combos while still retaining defensive options, since most defensive charms are Reflexive. It would also allow the building of combos of offensive charms without the need to include defensive charms.
However, this would remove the one advantage that Dragon-Blooded have to make up for their least-powerful charmset.
Alternatively, you could allow the Solar's (Ability) Essence Flow apply to all Reflexives, instead of just Excellencies - this gives Dragon-Blooded an advantage in that they get it for free, but allows Solars to "catch up" with them. Since Lunars get their Fury, I think this balances out.


One Extra (Reflexive-only) Charm Use per Action for non-Dragon-Blooded Exalts

Strangelooper 16:04, 17 October 2007 (PDT)

Every Action, a non-Dragon-Blooded Essence User may use ONE 'Extra' Reflexive Charm, in addition to their normal Charm. They may activate this single Reflexive charm on multiple instances until their next action, if desired.
eg A Solar strikes his foe and uses Hungry Tiger Technique to enhance the attack. On the following tick, an assailant shoots an arrow at the Solar: the Solar may use Seven Shadow Evasion as his 'Extra Reflexive' to defend against the attack, even though he used Hungry Tiger Technique as his charm for his action. A second assailant strikes a the Solar with a sword on the following tick: the only charm that the Solar may use reflexively to defend is Seven Shadow Evasion, since he has not had another action yet.
If the Exalt uses a Reflexive charm on his action as his 'regular' charm, or uses a combo that includes a Reflexive charm as his 'regular' charm, he still may activate another Reflexive charm as his 'Extra Reflexive'.
eg The Solar attacks with a Combo that includes 1st Melee Excellency, Hungry Tiger Technique, and Iron Whirlwind Technique. If anyone is left to attack him, he may choose to activate the reflexive charm Dipping Swallow Defense as his Extra Reflexive charm and enhance his parry with 1st Melee Excellency as well. Alternately, he may use 1st Melee Excellency only to defend, and save his Extra Reflexive for a perfect defense in case something really bad comes at him later.
This is a middle-ground option between the rules in the corebook and the above "Free Use of Reflexive Charms for All" solution. It preserves the unique flexibility of the Dragon-Blooded (unlimited Free Reflexive Charm use) while allowing other Exalts to defend themselves without the need for Charm Combos.
Rule used by: Strangelooper

"Unlimited" Combos

The core rulebook points out one Storyteller's method of overcoming this limitation. After some "teaching you how to Storytell" playtesting, the method used allows the Solars to use multiple Charms - of ANY type - whenever they like at the cost of one Willpower, and instead provides Combo users with an Essence discount.

Common Fixes

The methods included in the core rules with no modification to provide a good defense while using offensive Charms include: Using a Melee/Martial Arts Excellency on the attack will allow you to also apply that Excellency on defence; Having the Melee, Martial Arts, or Dodge Essence Flow Permanent Charm, allowing you to use those Excellencies on defense or attack without it counting as your Charm use for the action; scene-length defensive Charms; and multi-tiered natural defenses (such as naturally high Parry or Dodge followed by artifact armor (use Armored Scout's Invigoration to prevent it affecting your dodge DV, if necessary) followed by Ox-Body Technique)