Keeping Elders Out of Creation

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A number of players complain that Elder Exalted are too powerful, and too able to crush player characters. It violates some people's suspension of belief that they refrain from doing so for purely setting reasons. Here are some mechanical options to keep Elder Exalts from hampering less experienced PCs:

Enhanced Arcane Fate

Many Sidereals know that the breaking of the mask makes the inhabitants of Creation forget them -- only the oldest are aware that this is only the beginning of the effects of Arcane Fate. As a Sidereal gets more powerful the threads of Fate twist around her and become more confused. Past a certain point the very presence of the Sidereal in Creation disrupts the loom. Not just Mortals but the world itself begins to reject the Sidereal.

Sidereals of Essence 6 and higher must make regular Essence rolls whenever they are in Creation. They gain Paradox equal to the number of successes they roll -- their very presence begins to infuriate the pattern spiders.

Permanent Essence Frequency of Rolls
6 Every Week
7 Every Day
8 Every Scene
9 Every Action

As a result Elder Sidereals often send their younger inferiors on missions into creation even when they themselves might be more effective. In addition Sidereals of Essence 7 and higher are unable to recover Essence normally in Creation -- though they still can in Yu-Shan or in any Demesne or Manse.

Wyld Addiction

The Lunar shards were damaged in the Wyld rather badly. The Tattoos can protect against further Wyld exposure, but for those Lunars who are old enough to remember the times before the tattoos Wyld Addiction is a universal fact of life. What is more the twisting of the Lunar shards have left the higher Essence Lunars disconnected from the essence flows of Creation. Lunars of Essence 7 and higher are unable to recover Essence normally in Creation -- though they still can in the Wyld and in Wyld-zones, as well as in any Lunar Aspected Manse.

In addition any Lunar with Essence 6+ must spend an additional willpower every tick on which she attempts to activate any charms outside of the Wyld.


Deathlords are Ghosts, and subject to the normal rules for Ghosts entering Creation. In addition all the non-permanent Solar and Abyssal Charms which the Deathlord has gain the Spectral keyword (unless they already had it) and the Deathlord must pay an extra willpower every tick on which she attempts to activate such a charm outside of the Underworld or a Shadowland.


Raksha already get all kinds of problems if they leave the Wyld.


Demons have trouble enough getting into Creation to start with.

Solars, Abyssals, and Infernas

Are all too new to have any elders. They probably wouldn't have any trouble being in Creation -- unless the Jade Prison messed things up for them too much.


Terrestrial Elders aren't really a problem.