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Alternate Caste Ideas

The Second Grand Moot

In the wake of the disappearance of the Empress, the sacking of Thorns, and the appearance of the Abyssal Exalted, a second Grand Moot of the Silver Pact was called. The No-Moon Sorcerers of the Crossroads Society used a secret magic woven into the moonsilver tattoos of all Lunars, to draw them all out of hiding and compel them to attend.

Many were displeased with this.

Rather than discussing what to do about the Abyssal Exalted or the now-weakened Realm, vicious infighting and resentment flared amongst the elders of the Silver Pact, threatening to tear the entire society of Lunars apart if not for the sudden and timely arrival of Malik Fenn, self-proclaimed "prophet" of the Cult of Razik.

His admonishment that the No-Moons had gone too far no longer fell on deaf ears. Their collective response was a bold gesture - some say a ruse - to summon Luna herself and ask her. Unfortunately for all involved, it worked.

No one quite remembers what the Incarna said, or can clearly say what else transpired that night, but the end result was clear: the Lunars now have five Castes again, each with a unique part to play in the world.

The Full Moons remain unchanged by the decisions of the Second Grand Moot, a sign in their eyes that they alone had done well in Luna's service. The Full Moons retain their great physical prowess, and remain Luna's mighty hunters, in service to Her aspect as the Bloody Huntress, and rise to prominence during the third week of the month, as the waning fullness of Luna arcs through the sky.

The Changing Moons were re-named, and all now bear the mark of the Waning Moon upon their brows - and yet they still contain the mixture of the Waning and Waxing Moons that the No-Moons had forged for them. They serve Luna in Her aspect as the Two-Faced Bride, and guide the Silver Pact through the last week of the month, as the closing lid of the waning crescent fades into darkness.

A new Waxing Moon caste has been forged, like and yet unlike its namesake from the First Age. Its purview is great fortitude, leadership and wit, and within the Waxing Crescent of its castemark lies the power to beguile and enchant, better to serve Luna in Her aspect as the White Navigator, and many lead their fellows in the Silver Pact in prayer and worship during the second week of the month, as Luna grows into her full glory.

The New Moons still serve Luna in her guise as the Walker at the Crossroads, but they have been stripped of their priestly duties and the name "No Moons" - a reminder that Luna is always present and watching, even when hidden. No one remembers what precisely Luna said to them, but all recall a vague sense of shame and disappointment. Still, they are permitted a place of honor within the Silver Pact on the first week of every month.

Finally, the 'Unblooded' have been accepted officially into the fold of the Silver Pact. Now called the Changing Moons (since the Waning and Waxing Moon Castes no longer have proper use of the sobriquet), they are the official judges and arbitrators of the Silver Pact. Their ability to shift between the Castes week-by-week gives them an unprecedented perspective on their bretheren, and few ignore their council. While their lack of the Caste-fixing tattoos makes them vulnerable to mutation and chimerism, a lesser form of the No-Moon's tattoo encircles their fluid Caste Mark in an open circle, framed on either side by a waning and waxing crescent. While not protecting their bodies, this singular tattoo is sufficient to protect their minds from the ravages of the Wyld.

Full Moon Caste

The Full Moon Caste (Uhrun in Clawspeak) favors Physical Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina. The Full Moons follow the Bloody Huntress, and tend to have powerful predators as their spirit animals.

Innate Power - Hunter's Intuition

Full Moons are premier hunters. When performing a Sacred Hunt in a directly, physically predatory roll, the Full Moon adds their Essence to their (Wits + Stamina) dice pool to determine how long the hunt takes.

Iconic Power - Athletic Prowess

When iconic, a Full Moon Lunar's anima banner doubles his effective Strength for purposes of feats of strength and damage against inanimate objects, and doubles his effective running and jumping distance. Additionally, the light of its anima strikes fear into the heart of mortals whose Valor is less than the Full Moon's Essence, adding the difference to the Full Moon's DV.

Waxing Moon Caste

This is a recently rebuilt caste, with Stamina, Charisma, and Wits as its Caste Attributes. While the First Age Waxing Moon Caste is lost, the new Waxing Moon Caste (Gallarh in Clawspeak) shows promise – although this is still a very new and rare caste.

Innate Power - Priesthood

All Waxing Moons are considered priests of Luna, and their prayers always reach heaven.

Iconic Power - Beguilement

The Waxing Moon is capable of enthralling and beguiling anyone who sees them perform through the intoxicating effects of their anima. So long as the Lunar is making any Performance-based activity, reduce the MDV of all who witness the Performance within the light of the Waxing Moon's anima by the Lunar's Essence. Everyone who can witness the performance is affected, whether the Lunar wishes them to be or not, and this MDV reduction occurs against all social attacks, not just those made by the Lunar.

Waning Moon Caste

The Waning Moon Caste (Ragasha in Clawspeak) favors Social Attributes: Charisma, Manipulation and Appearance. They are premier tricksters and infiltrators, smooth, beguiling and subtle.

Innate Power - Hunter of Men

The Waning Moon have an innate understanding of humanity. When performing a Sacred Hunt against a sentient being, the Waning Moon adds their Essence to the (Wits + Survival) roll to determine how long the Sacred Hunt takes.

Iconic Power - Illusion

When iconic, a Waning Moon's anima banner adds the character's Essence as an external penalty to any attempts to accurately identify him. Alternatively, the Waning Moon may weave his anima into a specific illusion, appearing as anyone that the Waning Moon knows for a scene and adding his Essence in automatic successes to any roll necessary to maintain the deception.

New Moon Caste

The New Moon Caste (Zhehua in Clawspeak) favors Mental Attributes: Intelligence, Wits and Perception. They are sorcerers and occultists, the founders of the Crossroads Society and keepers of the secrets at the edge of the world.

Innate Power - Diplomacy

The New Moons of the Crossroads Society have spent a good deal of time forging political ties with the local spirit courts. Thus, when dealing with Terrestrial gods and elementals whose Essence is less than the Lunar's (Essence + Renown), the New Moon enjoys the same diplomatic immunity as an Eclipse Caste Solar.

Iconic Power - Occult Power

When iconic, a New Moon's anima banner weaves the flow of Essence harmoniously about her, reducing the mote cost of any Charm or other expenditure requiring an Occult roll (including casting Sorcery or Necromancy spells) by twice the New Moon's Essence, to a minimum total mote cost of one-half the original cost (round up). Additionally, the darkness of the New Moon's anima banner imposes a visibility modifier equal to one-half the Lunar's Essence (round down).

Changing Moon Caste

With the Changing Moon broken into the Waxing and Waning Moon, the Casteless themselves have latched onto the old sobriquet. The Changing Moon (Falahu in Clawspeak) may choose two Favored Attributes, but no Caste Attributes, as their Caste shifts with the changing of Luna's face.

The Changing Moon's tattoo is simple. A single open circle surrounds the marked Changing Moon's caste mark, flanked on either side by a thin Waxing and Waning Moon sign, opening outwards. While not enough to prevent physical Wyld mutations, this sigil permanently protects the Changing Moon from Wyld derangements and from gaining permanent Limit while in the Wyld. They still contain a touch of madness, however: Spending Willpower to resist mutation while in the Wyld still gains them a point of temporary Limit, as if resisting unnatural mental influence.

Innate Power - Arbitration

With the restoration of the Waxing Moon Caste and the re-convening of the Silver Pact's Grand Moot in RY 772, the Changing Moons have taken on the duties of the old Half-Moon Caste. In any meeting of the Silver Pact, the Changing Moons act as judges and arbitrators, their unique perspective on all four of the other Castes allowing them to judge each objectively.

While Changing Moons have no Caste, they gain the Caste learning bonuses for all Charms during the correct time of the month. Thus, a Changing Moon can learn Mental Attribute-based Charms as if they were in-Caste during the first week of the month (the New Moon), Stamina, Charisma and Wits Charms as if they were in-Caste during the second week of the month (the Waxing Moon), Physical Attribute-based Charms as if they were in-Caste during the third week of the month (the Full Moon), and Social Attribute-based Charms as if they were in-caste during the last week of the month (the Waning Moon). They gain the New Moon anima power during Calibration. If the training time for learning a new Charm would be longer than the number of days remaining in the week, that Charm or Knack cannot be learned at the reduced cost. Since Attributes themselves take many weeks to learn even when in-Caste, a Changing Moon cannot learn new Attributes at a reduced cost in this fashion.

Iconic Power - Flexibility

The Changing Moons gain the anima banner appropriate to the phase of the moon: the New Moon anima during the first week of the month, the Waxing Moon banner during the second, the Full Moon banner during the third, and the Waning Moon banner during the fourth. During Calibration, they usually take on the New Moon anima.

Other Concerns

Changing Moon Knacks

With the Changing Moon rendered safe (or at least safer...) from Chimerism, several Knacks have developed to allow them to better control the effects that the mutating power of the Wyld still has on their bodies.

Fortress of Identity

  • Prerequisites: Perfected Hybrid Interaction, Stamina 4, Essence 4

This Knack allows a Changing Moon Lunar to resist external Shaping effects that would give her unwanted mutations, including the warping effect of the Wyld. The Lunar's MDV against such effects is raised by her Essence. Additionally, the character may now spend a number of XP when acquiring a mutation equal to the mutation's total point cost, to completely direct the mutation's manifestation. The character may choose any number of Poxes, Afflictions, Blights, and Abominations, whose total point cost equals the amount of XP spent. This XP may also be spent to use the available mutation points to "upgrade" existing mutations.

Purity of Form

  • Prerequisites: Fortress of Identity, Wits 5, Essence 4

This Knack raises the Lunar's MDV against the warping effects of the Wyld by +1, and may be taken a number of times equal to the character's Wits. Additionally, Purity of Form allows the character to “buy off” Wyld mutations for 2 XP per mutation point. Only Changing Moon Lunars may learn this Knack.

Change-Affirming Renunciation

  • Cost: 15m, 1wp, 1 Willpower, 1 Stamina, 1 Essence (permanent)
  • Prerequisites: Purging the Tarnished Silver, Stamina 6, Essence 6
  • Type: Dramatic Action (one hour)
  • Keywords: Obvious
  • Duration: Permanent

This Charm violently expels the Lunar's moonsilver tattoos out of their body, expunging them in a stream of ink, silver and blood. This is a violent and bloody process, costing the Lunar one permanent dot each of Stamina, Willpower and Essence (all of which must be re-purchased with experience). The Lunar must also re-learn this Charm if they ever want to use it again, as their understanding of the Charm is tied inextricably to the specifics of their tattoo patterns.

The Lunar reduces their Stamina, Willpower and Essence by one dot each, and becomes an un-tattooed Casteless Lunar. They also, as a side note, lose all dots in the Renown background. They may then have Form-Fixing Method used upon them to establish them within a new Caste.

This is an extraordinarily new Charm, and very few elder Lunars have learned it. When used in conjunction with Purity of Form, it might conceivably allow for the healing and restoration of such tragic beings as Ma-Ha-Suchi and Raksi - if anyone dares suggest the idea to them, and if they are willing to consider it.

Moonsilver Tattoos

Moonsilver Tattoo Artifacts (and any Hearthstones set in them) do disappear with the rest of the Lunar's tattoos when the Lunar shifts into a non-true form, banishing the Tattoo Artifact to Elsewhere until the character resumes a true form. This means that the Artifacts and their Hearthstones are completely unavailable when the character is not in a true form, and cannot be accessed through any means.


Beastmen and Lunar Half-Castes with Enlightened Essence may learn any Charms they qualify for, as well as the Knacks Deadly Beastman Transformation, Hybrid Body Rearrangement, Humble Mouse Shape and Towering Beast Form. These Charms do not allow them to drink Heart's Blood, but do affect each of their spirit shapes. They have no Favored or Caste Attributes and must spend 20 experience per Charm or Knack. Beastmen who learn Deadly Beastman Transformation may instead transform into a “normal” human form by using the (Essence + 4) mutation points to “buy off” their Beastman mutations. For beastmen and half-castes, only their birth form is considered a “true form”, and this is the form they revert to if they fall unconscious.