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Welcome to the Fixalted Wiki

A wiki for fixing the problems with Exalted

Minor Fixes and Errata:

If you are essentially happy with the official rules as written but you need some minor clarifications and edits, look no further.

Manuals of Exalted Power
Compass of Celestial Directions
Compass of Terrestrial Directions
Books of Sorcery
Scrolls of Esoteric Wisdom
Dreams of the First Age

Errata and the like are sorted by book

Major Edits:

Is some aspect of Exalted broken enough that you need to fix it if you want to enjoy it? This is the place for you.

Major fixes are sorted by "theme"

Complete Overhauls:

Before you try this section, make sure you can't be satisfied with the stuff above. It's for the people crazy enough to want to act as an effective line editor for their very own version of Exalted.

Overhauls are listed by name

Other Resources:
  • Quotes: Quotes from the authors and other cool people
  • Downloads: Various stuff to download such as Character Sheets
  • Links

Other stuff is sorted by "category"

Getting started

The Wiki Mission

Fixalted is a wiki focused on the roleplaying game Exalted from White Wolf. While set up for second edition, both first and second edition fixes are welcome. The concept is to both collect official errata and to produce fan-made fixes for the mechanical problems that were not addressed by the official developers. The Fixalted Wiki also aims to provide a place for positive examination of these flaws with a view to fixing them. While setting information is welcome, this Wiki does focus on rules and rule modifications. For further information about how to edit this wiki, please see Fixalted:About.

Joining In

As the wiki is a community project, feel free to register and join us on this endeavor!