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This page covers minor fixes and errata for the Lunar Manual of Exalted Power. These can be found in page order in the long list below. Any areas which provoke more than about a paragraph of discussion should be spun off into their own subpage.

Errata Legend
p. 666 – Objects with a red background are official errata. These were published by the White Wolf developers.
Source: Official Errata (provide download name or date)
p. 555 – Orange background signifies comments from the authors and developers. These are semi-official and taken from e-mails, conversations and messageboards.
Source: Author or Developer (provide source such as "WW Forum" or "Conversation 01-01-2001"
p. 444 – Text with a blue background is an unofficial, fan-written clarification that explains confusingly written rules or tries to make sense out of contradictory texts.
Source: Wiki User name
p. 333 – Objects with a green background are small unofficial, fan-made houserules that attempt to fill the holes in the Exalted system. These are only suggestions. Speak to your Storyteller about these.
Source: Wiki User name

Chapter One: The Silver Pact

Chapter Two: A Better World

Chapter Three: Character Creation

102-103 – The original author of the second edition Lunar charms used slightly different character generation rules in his own games than those published in the book, they can be found at Domino's Original Chargen Rules
Source: Peter Schaefer on the Freedom Stone Forums

Chapter Four: Traits

Chapter Five: Charms and Shapeshifting

p. 141Fury-OK. The following charms have the Fury-OK keyword but lack any text saying what they do. Here's a few suggestions for what they should do based on other Fury-OK charms:
  • Shell-Crushing Atemi allows the Lunar to ignore hardness for the duration of the fury.
  • Might-Bolstering Blow allows you to regenerate essence for all strikes in a fury.
  • Instinctive Essence Prediction allows you to detect opposing charms for the duration of the fury.
Source: RRimmel, on the WW wiki
p. 141 – Raw Damage and base soak are considered to be static values for the purposes of Lunar Strength and Stamina Excellencies
Source: Peter Schaefer
p. 141 – There are two possible interpretations of the sidebar here. It states that a Lunar may increase her attributes directly with her excellencies, however all the examples given are static values which happen to be equal to an attribute. Some people interpret this sidebar to be pointing out that a Lunar can raise certain static values which a solar cannot, other people interpret the sidebar to be a new rule allowing a Lunar to raise values they could not otherwise raise in ways in which they could not otherwise raise them. The former interpretation works fine, the latter interpretation produces broken results such as (Claws of the Silver Moon & Third Attribute Excellency) and needs to be fixed -- one fix being to use the first interpretation, but the previously linked article contains other possible fixes.
Source: Bazzalisk
p. 141 – The Lunar first and second excellency interact with static values differently from the solar ones. Specifically when applied to a DV the solar first excellency buys dice which are rolled, and the successes added to the DV (or, possibly buys DV directly for 1m per +1, but this interpretation has issues, see The 2nd Edition Core), on the other hand the Lunar first excellency costs 1m per +1 to the pool from which the DV is calculated.
Source: Bazzalisk
p. 141 – Some GMs choose to use the solar rules for 1st Excellency altering static values with the Lunar 1st Excellency. Some GMs choose to use the Lunar rules for most static values, and the Solar rules for DVs.
Source: Bazzalisk
p. 141 – Charisma and Manipulation Excellencies may each benefit only those social attacks and parries which use the relevant Attribute. Appearance Excellencies on the other hand can benefit all social attacks and defences (including Dodges), and since the Appearance difference is applied to MDV directly rather than to the dice rolled the Appearance Excellency is twice as mote-efficient as the same Charisma or Manipulation Excellency would be (when they can be used at all). This poses certain balance issues.
Source: Bazzalisk 10:28, 26 March 2008 (PDT)
p. 141 – Make Appearance Excellencies Obvious, or change how Appearance difference applies in Social Combat (for example apply half the difference).
Source: Bazzalisk
p. 152Snake Body Technique. As there is a lot of confusion with the mechanics of this charm, I've moved all fixes and discussions to Snake Body Technique.
p. 152 – If Furious Hound Pursuit clashes with another similar effect (such as another Lunar using the same charm) it seems natural to me to use the Unstoppable Force, Imovable Object rules in the core book. Some people appear to disagree, see Furious Hound Pursuit
Source: Bazzalisk
p. 154Octopus and Spider Barrage should probably have some high, but finite, limit on how many attacks it provides. Three times Essence, perhaps. This will prevent an "infinite rate" problem when mixed with things that give arbitrarily large numbers of limbs, like the Terrifying Mane mutation (p. 209).
Source: Wordman
p. 160Halting the Scarlet Flow. This Charm lacks any Gift text. When activated as part of Deadly Beastman Transformation, you can activate it as a Reflexive action that heals one lethal health level, usable once per action. Its Gift aspect requires three motes commitment to heal one lethal per action; when activated simultaneously with Bruise-Relief Method's Gift power, the Lunar heals one lethal and (Stamina) bashing each action.
Source: Peter Schaefer
p. 160Wound-Mastering Body Evolution. This charm almost certainly refers to the categories into which mundane weapons are split in the core-book. Artifact weapons are not split into discrete catagories this way, but their classifications can be extrapolated. See Wound-Mastering Body Evolution for other thoughts.
Source: Peter Schaefer
p. 177Clover Can't be Found. This Charm has type Instant. This should probably be Simple
Source: Bazzalisk 09:55, 26 March 2008 (PDT)
p.177Clover Can't be Found. This charm should probably give some sort of benefit when establishing and reestablishing surprise in combat. It should certainly provide the +2 autoscuccesses for being invisible. Making it provide a perfect surprise effect would be possible, but I'd say too powerful for this essence level.
Source: Bazzalisk 10:00, 26 March 2008 (PDT)
p. 196Terrible Wolverine Onslaught. This Charm provides three separate, non-flurriable, full-dice attacks or one full-dice attack and one full-dice non-attack action which may be flurried. Taking the flurriable non-attack action still requires a roll to avoid ending the Charm. Terrible Wolverine Onslaught was meant to synergize with the Gift ability of Halting the Scarlet Flow (see above).
Source: Peter Schaefer

Chapter Six: The Casteless and the Chimera

Chapter Seven: Storytelling

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