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This page covers minor fixes and errata for the Infernals Manual of Exalted Power. These can be found in page order in the long list below. Any areas which provoke more than about a paragraph of discussion should be spun off into their own subpage.

The Infernal book covers the character creation and mechanics of playing an Infernal Exalted. It describes in detail the primary patron Primordials/Yozi and the history behind the Infernals.

Errata Legend
p. 666 – Objects with a red background are official errata. These were published by the White Wolf developers.
Source: Official Errata (provide download name or date)
p. 555 – Orange background signifies comments from the authors and developers. These are semi-official and taken from e-mails, conversations and messageboards.
Source: Author or Developer (provide source such as "WW Forum" or "Conversation 01-01-2001"
p. 444 – Text with a blue background is an unofficial, fan-written clarification that explains confusingly written rules or tries to make sense out of contradictory texts.
Source: Wiki User name
p. 333 – Objects with a green background are small unofficial, fan-made houserules that attempt to fill the holes in the Exalted system. These are only suggestions. Speak to your Storyteller about these.
Source: Wiki User name

Chapter One:

Chapter Two: Servants of the Yozis

p. 53 – "It is rare for a Yozi to reduce any Virtue to 1 or less (except for Appearance) and almost unheard of to reduce one of an akuma’s Virtues that low." should be "It is rare for a Yozi to reduce any Attribute to 1 or less (except for Appearance) and almost unheard of to reduce one of an akuma’s Virtues that low."
Source: [Official Errata]
p.* – Akuma do gain the full effect of the Demonic Inheritance background, especially the Perception + Occult roll to recognize demonic heritage as well.
Source: [Official Errata]
p. 55-56 – The Blood Queen an akuma of the Ebon Dragon via the Second Circle demon Makarios.
Source: [Official Errata]

Chapter Three: Character Creation

Chapter Four: Traits

p. 95Defiler Anima. By spending 5 motes, a Defiler Caste may roll a number of dice equal to his Essence rating, negating a number of levels of damage from an attack in step 10 of attack resolution equal to the number of successes. When his anima banner flares at the 11m+ level of display, he automatically subtracts one level of damage from attacks in step 10 instead; the character may choose to waive this benefit to invoke his anima effect in response to a source of damage at normal cost, if desired. The anima powers of the Twilight and Daybreak Castes also work in this manner.
Source: [Official Errata]
p. 97, 103 – Green Sun Princes cannot learn Sidereal martial arts.
Source: [Official Errata]
p.* – As Intimacies the Yozis don't approve of are also affected by Torment, creature can be affected through an Infernal's intimacies.
Source: [Official Errata]
p.* – "as if the character has spent 4-7 motes of Peripheral Essence" should read "as if the character has spent 8-10 motes of Peripheral Essence"
Source: [Official Errata]

Chapter Five: Charms

p.*Favored Charms. Each Green Sun Prince possesses Caste Charms based on the Yozi who acts as her patron, but she should also choose a second Yozi whose Charms are considered Favored.
Source: [Official Errata]
p. 118Wayward Divinity Oversight. The 3rd purchase of Wayward Divinity Oversight is supposed to be at Essence 4+ and requires that one already possess the Essence 4+ version that allows one to perceive and track elementals.
Source: [Official Errata]
p. 160World-Breaker Grip. "Damage: (Strength x2)B + attack successes." should be "Damage: (Strength x 2)B."
Source: [Official Errata]

Chapter Six: Wonders of the Demon Realm

p. 174-176, 186Chalcanth & Azoth. When purchasing Chalcanth or Azoth (at the prices listed on p.176) instead of making it yourself, how much Essence does it contain (meaning what should the Essence & Willpower of the dissolved demon be treated as)? The Chalcanth Reservoir (p.186) requires this information to function when filled with purchased chalcanth. - It's really up to the Storyteller to determine. Demons vary in Essence and Willpower within the circles, but Resources is an abstraction that covers a range rather than any specific monetary value. Assume the value of a chalcanth or azoth catch varies from day to day in the same way the quality of tuna at a fish market does. Sometimes, the selection is better. Sometimes it's worse. It depends greatly on what demon got careless or pissed the wrong being off.
Source: [Official Errata]

Chapter Seven: Storytelling

p.* – Akuma typically age as the beings from which they were spawned do, though exceptions do exist.
Source: [Official Errata]

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