Martial Arts Charm edits for Social Conflict

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Scroll of the Monk

Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style

Haunting Heart-Rending melody

This charm is an unblockable social attack to create any Passion-type Intimacy targeted specifically at something which is present in the scene as Unnatural mental Influence. The cost to resist this influence is 1 willpower, and after it has been resisted three times the intimacy evaporates. This intimacy is considered only to exist when the victim is in the presence of the target of the intimacy.

Heartsong Meditation

This charm can forge a connection with any character who is the target of a non-weak Compassion Intimacy and who has a non-weak Compassion intimacy towards the exalt -- these intimacies need not represent the same sort of passion, and need not be of similar strength. Furthermore whilst this charm is in effect any attack to weaken the relevent intimacy is considered to go against the target's motivation even if it does not. When two-way communication is possible through this link social conflict may be employed between the characters, but all attacks must be Performance based, none may employ musical instruments, and the social range rules come into effect if there are other characters present with either participant.

Dulcet Nightingale Form

This charm applies unnatural mental influence against all within range. This has two effects, a distraction effect which applies the internal penalty listed in the charm description on all attacks which are made against the nightingale and a Temperance Intimacy of Unnatural Strengt. The cost to resist the influence is 1 willpower per action which would violate the taboo. The intimacy is a taboo against attacking the nightingale whilst she is executing a guard action. The distraction effect cannot be resisted without relevant charms, and the taboo has no effect whilst the nightingale is not guarding. The effects evaporate when the nightingale stops singing, and return whenever she begins again as long as the charm is active. The effects also evaporate when the charm ends or whenever a character moves out of range, they immediately apply to any character which moves within range. (Range specified in charm)

Aria of Tranquility

This is a reflexive action which provides an instantaneous unblockable social attack with no dice but with automatic successes equal to the user's Charisma + Martial-Arts. This attack is treated as a performance attack against everyone within hearing range, including the user. This attack creates a Taboo type (Temperance) Compulsion not to attack (physically) anyone. The cost to resist this unnatural mental influence is 1 willpower per attempted action. Any action in violation of this influence even when resisted through willpower takes an internal penalty equal to the character's own Compassion + Temperance. Any character who spends a number of willpower points equal to the Nightingale's Martial Arts within one scene becomes immune for the duration of the scene. The taboo evaporates when the charm ends but can be re-established through further uses of the charm without penalty.

If all characters within the area are simultaneously affected and do not attempt to resist through willpower expenditure then combat time ends.

Impending Silence

This charm is a social attack with no dice but with successes equal to the nightingale's Martial Arts. Whether or not the attack is successful it inflicts an Unnatural strength Taboo type Intimacy (Temperance) against taking any action other than the inactive action. The cost to resist this taboo is 1 willpower per action and the taboo evaporates once a number of points have been spent equal to the martial artist's Martial Arts score. If the attack is successful then the intimacy cannot be resisted at all until such a time as it evaporates due to spent willpower -- and such willpower may only be spent at a rate of 1 willpower per action unless allowed by some other charm. All persons under the effect of this taboo are deaf whilst the taboo still exists.

Scroll of the Monk: Imperfect Lotus

Path of the Arbiter Style

Meditation on the Heart

This charm is effectively a low cap second excellency applicable on any roll except damage that requires the expenditure of a virtue channel - which doesn't obey the normal dice cap rules. If (as per standard Social Conflict rules) channeling a virtue does not require willpower, the charm is too powerful.

This charm has a cost of "1wp + 2m per die".