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This article refers to physical combat on a large scale. For other types of combat see: Combat and Social Combat

Mass Combat is the physical resolution of large-scale battles in Exalted. In First Edition, Mass Combat was called Mail and Steel.

Mass Combat includes very significant numbers of warriors which are banded into Mass Combat Units. A Unit can consist of as few as one, a Solo Unit, or as many as 10,000 or more. Units are essentially worn by their Commander and augment the Commander's abilities. Each Unit is allowed to have special character including Sorcerers, Heroes, and Relays. While the typical rules for Charms work, a great deal of leeway is allowed for each Charm as well as the duration of the Charm being increased to Long Ticks, each one representing roughly a minute of time.


Mail And Steel Problems - An overview of some common criticisms of the Mail and Steel system.

Clarification of Charm use in 2nd Edition Mass Combat

Major Edits

Second Edition

Heavenly Weapons - An completely alternate version of the Mass Combat rules.

Massive Combat - Turning the "your army is your weapon" comment into reality.

First Edition Heavenly Weapons - the original version of this mass combat write up, for 1st edition.