Solar Perfect Defenses

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Solar Perfect Defenses are very cheap and effective, so defaulting to them will mean that combat quickly changes to an Essence attrition battle (with different levels of escalation). Removing them or vastly increasing their price will create problems with the combat engine (and occasionally with the fluff, too).

Suggested Fixes

Tying Perfect Defenses closer to Virtues

Change the Four Flaws on Invulnarebility in the following way:

  • all: can only be taken for Virtues with 3 and higher
  • Temperance: stays as is
  • Valor: only useable while engaging the strongest foes from the beginning, use still forces user to approach them bodily
  • Conviction: only useable while pursueing a Motivation or Intimiacy
  • Compassion: only useable while actively defending something (which is present in the scene) your character cares about (has an Intimacy about)
  • all: spending Willpower to surpress a Virtue induced reaction renders the corresponding defense unuseable for the scene

Also, after each action your character used such a defense, he recieves one point of Limit due the mental strain.

by Langeweile 02:55, 5 February 2008 (PST)

Making "Undodgeable" / "Unblockable" / "Unsoakable" More Important

Each of the three Solar Perfects - Seven Shadows Evasion, Heavenly Guardian Defense, and Adamant Skin Technique - works as-is so long as the attack can normally be responded to in that matter (i.e., is Dodgeable, Parryable, or Soakable, respectably). When dodging an undodgeable attack (such as an area-effect blast that you can't move out of range of in time), blocking an unblockable attack (such as one with no physical component), or soaking an unsoakable attack (such as "your soul falls off"), you must spend a Willpower point to channel the Virtue linked to that Perfect Defense to activate it and perform at least a one-die stunt, in addition to the Charm's mote cost.

by Ialdabaoth 00:12, 2 March 2009 (MST)