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Spirit Charms for Social Conflict

Mandate of Subordination

The Mandate is an unrolled, irresistible attack which forms an Unnatural Temperance Compulsion. Spirits acting in accordance with the Compulsion can choose to recover a point of Willpower instead of a Temperance Channel. Spending the Willpower to resist automatically resists all other Mandate Compulsions from the same spirit for the duration of the scene.


Most Divinations function under Perception + Awareness rules, not Social Conflict, with one notable axception:

Memory Mirror

This supplements an Investigation attack. Different kinds of information can be gleaned, and MDV modifiers for the kind of information sought do not apply. Appearance modifiers do not apply. The attacker gains bonus successes equal to Compassion, unless his target's Essence score is higher than his own. The target need not Seize the floor, as the information is revealed directly to the attacker.


Sendings are powerful carriers for social conflict.


Clarification is in order. An MDV penalty is a "bonus" for the attacker in this context.

Divine Works

These are powerful Shaping effects. As noted, beings with Essence 2+ can not be directly affected by these charms.

Calculated Order of Immediate Action

This charm can create Emotions or Intimacies in groups.

Divine Decree

This charm can create Intimacies in those who are shaped directly by it. The subordinate spirits arre affected as if by the Mandate of Subordination.


These are mostly physical effects, but a few are illusions, relying on DMDV. If the lower DMDV becomes an issue, compare them against soak insted.

Mirror of the Infinite Wardrobe

Paper Tiger Arrangement


Note that a higher Essence score protects perfectly against Enchantments.


This charm makes a Compulsion attack Unnatural Influence. The Compulsion does not disappear at the end of the scene.

Harrow the Mind

This Unnatural Influence creates a Temperance Compulsion to "Believe the illusion".


This charm is ridiculously overpowered as written. To be finished later.

Mind-Knife Sacrament

Bypass the attack and go straight to damage: The spirit's Charisma + Temperance, soaked by the target's Integrity + Essence as normal. There is no minimumm damage ("ping") for this damage roll. Each success has it's normal effects.

Regalia of Authority

Works as written. The reduced MDDV of Social Conflict are still not enough to make the Compulsion and Intimacy effects meaningful to PCs.

Stoke the Flame

This attack is Unnatural Influence, creating a Conviction Compulsion. Going against it costs 1 WP pr action, until the WP cost (spirit's Temperance + wp surcharge) has been met. Anyone still under the Compulsion when the scene ends, gains an Intimacy with a strength equal to the number of wp she would need to spend to break the compulsion. "Stoked Willpower" works as written.

Subtle Whisper

A spirit using Subtle Whisper may only make natural social attacks. Against opponents who do not perceive it, it automatically wins all Join Debate rolls. The attacks are not considered surprise attacks, however. Anyone spending channels or wp to resist the effects of the spirits attacks may roll to discover the spirit (and start rolling Join Debate or using charms).


Wine of Infinite Heartbreak

To be finished later.


Divine Prerogative

Works as written