Terrestrial Charm edits for Social Conflict

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Source: Bazzalisk
Rule used by: Bazzalisk

Linguistics Charms

Poison Tongue Technique

This charm may be used in social conflict by someone who is not the speaker, in which case it is Reflexive, step 3, and, if succesful, causes the attack to be retargeted.

Voice of Mastery

This charm's mechanics are bizarre, but they do still work as written. I'd say make it add Essence to Damage and Soak instead.

Speech without Words

This can allow a group to engage in social conflict without speaking, but only amongst themselves.

With One Mind

Any attempt to coordinate a group under the influence of this charm gains a number of automatic successes equal to the charm user's essence.

Integrity Charms

Oath of the Ten Thousand Dragons

This charm must target a Duty type intimacy (Valour), and provides the stated bonus to defend against any attack which that Intimacy would oppose.

Ten-Thousand Dragons Fight as One

This charm is reflexive (step 1 for attacker, step 2 for defender) and instantly creates an Overwhelming strength Duty type intimacy (Valour) influence to another Dragon-blood. This intimacy obeys all normal rules for such influences.

Unflagging Vengeance Meditation

The intimacy is a Duty type intimacy (Valour) of Unnatural strength. The Terrestrial may add his Integrity to his social soak when defending against any attack which is opposed by this intimacy. Any attempt to create unnatural influence opposed by this intimacy automatically fails. The effect on physical soak remains unchanged. When the charm ends the Intimacy becomes natural with rating equal to the terrestrial's valour.

Granite Curtain of Serenity

For the duration this charm grants a "social hardness" equal to the character's Permanent Essence + Integrity and increases the character's social soak by her Permanent Essence.

Inviolate Dragon Spirit

This charm can be used as a reflexive (step 2) charm in which case it is a perfect social parry which doesn't work if the attacker is using unnatural influence and has an essence higher than the terrestrial.
In its more usual form this charm instantly destroys one influence or intimacy currently aplied to the user. When used this way it may not function against unnatural mental influence which was created by an Exalt with an Essence higher than that of the user.

Presence Charms

Unbearable Taunt Technique

This charm is a social attack to create a duty type intimacy (Valour) "the charm user has impinged my honour", with Essence automatic successes on the roll, and against which the target's MDV gains no situational bonuses. The dice penalties are suffered by the target every time he resists the intimacy during the charm's duration.

Moth to the Candle

This is a pressence-based social attack against which parry is innaplicable to create a compulsion (Valour) to "Attack only me!" as unnatural mental influence. Any intimacy created by Unbearable Taunt Technique will support this attack. The cost to overcome this compulsion is 3 willpower. The compulsion becomes natural with rating equal to the target's Valour when the charm ends.

Warlords' Convocation

This is a social attack to create a duty type intimacy (Valour) to the character as unnatural influence, which takes no situational penalties. The intimacy will become natural and overwhelming after one scene, and then behave normally. This charm is only usable against Terrestrials and mortals, cannot be used against a character with higher essence than the terrestrial, and may not be used on a character which is in a sworn brotherhood with the character.

Auspicious First Meeting Attitude

This is a social attack which creates a passion type intimacy (Compassion) of liking the character. If this attack fails to beat the defender's MDV then it is considered to have succeeded with no excess successes. This intimacy will support any attack the character later targets at the same target.

Passion Transmuting Nuance

This charm is a social attack which gains extra dice equal to the character's essence and allows no MDV bonuses or penalties for supporting and opposing intimacies. The only Virtue which may support or oppose this attack is Temperance (high opposes). If the attack is succesful ignore the normal damage procedure and instead transform one emotion effect or passion type intimacy currently affecting the target into a different one of the attacker's choice for the duration of the scene, and temporarily raise its rating to overwhelming.

Socialise Charms

Jade Defense

For the duration of the charm the terrestrial may add his socialise into the calculation for his Dodge MDV (prior to halving). This makes the DMDV a valid target for a socialise excellency. Furthermore the terrestrial's essence counts as one higher for the purposes of resisting social charms which do not work on characters with a higher essence.

Wary Yellow Dog Attitude

This charm gives the same bonus on Join Debate and MDVs if the start of the debate was an attempt at surprise, and the character succesfully defended against the surprise.

Brother against Brother Insinuation

This is a social attack (based upon socialise, but otherwise treated as a presence attack) to create a passion type intimacy (Compassion) directly opposed to an existing intimacy of liking another character who is present held by the target, as unnatural mental influence. The attack gains automatic successes equal to the dragon-blood's essence. The cost to overcome this intimacy is one willpower. This intimacy will evaporate at the end of the scene, but any reductions in the original intimacy caused by behaviour in accordance with this intimacy will remain.Fails against higher esssence characters, fails against members of same sworn brotherhood.

Warm-Faced Seduction Style

This charm supplements any social attack to seduce by adding the dragon-blood's Socialise to his damage.

Smoothing-over the Past Technique

This is a social attack to create a belief type intimacy (Conviction) "The chosen event never happened" as unnatural mental influence. The attack recieves a number of automatic successes equal to the character's essence, and parry MDV is inapplicable. The cost to overcome this influence is 1 willpower. The intimacy will evaporate at the end of the scene. This charm doesn't work against targets with a higher essence than the user.

Bureaucracy Charms

Geese Flying South Administration

The Charisma + Bureaucracy roll is treated as a performance-like social attack to create a duty-type intimacy (Valour) or a Belief type intimacy (Conviction) to the task selected as unnatural mental influence. The attack recieves (Essence) autosuccesses, and may be applied against new targets just as described. The cost to resist is 1WP. The intimacy will evaporate once the task is completed, or once a subject has spent willpower equal to the Dragon-blooded's Essence.

Bestow the Saffron Mantle

The new Motivation granted by this charm is treated like a normal motivation. This charm only works on a willing target.

Performance Charms

Dance of Flashing Swords

This is a social attack to create a belief type intimacy (Conviction) of "this fight is fake" as unnatural mental influence. The attack receives automatic successes equal to the Terrestrial's Essence. The influence may be overcome by spending one 1 willpower. The intimacy is permanent, but will becomes natural (with rating equal to the victim's Conviction) if the victim spends willpower to overcome it three times in the same scene. This charm does not affect people with a higher essence than the user.

Hidden Petal Aria Method

This charm can help with stunting certain social attacks in situations where taking the floor would normally not be possible.

Soul Stirring Performance Method

This charm is a performance based social attack to create any emotion as unnatural mental influence. The attack takes an external penalty equal to the magnitude of the people present. The created emotion costs 1 willpower to ignore, and will evaporate at the end of the scene. The charm may also be used to create any compulsion which would be supported by a previously created emotion.

Protective Performance

This increases the MDVs of all members of the audience by the dragon-blood's essence, against unnatural mental influence only, for a scene. In addition it acts as a social attack against the audience to create a passion type intimacy (Compassion) to not attacking the charm user which gains a number of automatic successes on the attack roll equal to the user's essence. This intimacy is treated normally.