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Epsilon's Dragon-Blooded Charm Redesign

Rule created by: Epsilon

Payback's Custom Solar Charms

Rule created by: Payback

Cooperative Charms


One of the things that Dragon-Blooded are supposed to be known for is their cooperative nature, and they do have magic that reflects this. However, very few of their charms actually let you do this well in play, because many of the good cooperative and ally-enhancing charms are very far into the trees, like Dragon-Seared Battlefield.

Revamped Cooperative Keyword

Rather than allowing only other Dragon-Blooded with the Charm to help activate it, any Terrestrial may help, as long as they have at least one dot in the appropriate Ability. Additionally, the Dragon-Blooded have many Charms that affect their allies, but the whole burden of paying for the Charm is on the Dragon-Blooded who bought the Charm. In this system, these Charms would also become Cooperative. When one Terrestrial activates a Cooperative Charm, any nearby Terrestrials may spend motes to apply the effect to themselves or others. Each participant may apply the effect to up to (Ability + Specialty + Essence), which means more powerful and more skilled Dragon Blooded are still better.

The new Cooperative keyword would apply to all the Charms that originally had it, as well as any Charms that could be applied to allies, such as Whirlwind Shield Form.

Individual participants may decommit their motes at any time, and the benefit fades from the people they were protecting. They automatically decommit their motes if they fall in battle. If the leading Terrestrial decommits his motes, then the magic fades for everyone.

Most Cooperative Charms are Simple Charms, and to help pay for such a Charm, the other participants must be able to act on the same tick. They take a new action: Cooperative Charm Activation (Speed [same as the Charm being used], DV -1).

Some Charms will need special considerations (unfortunately those that were originally supposed to be cooperative). If a Charm has many elemental effects, the extra effects only occur if another person with the Charm activates it at the same time. Otherwise their motes only extend the basic effect of the Charm.