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Democritus is...

  • Dipl.-Ing. (Architecture) and Game Development enthusiast
  • Kung-Fu Cowboy and Pixel Pusher
  • Ordungsfanatiker and Control Freak
  • Geek and Numbercruncher
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Contact Information

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AOL Instant Messenger mner81
Personal Homepage

Second Edition Exalted Downloads

This website includes links to the following downloads:

  • Solar character sheet. Features checkboxes for generic charms, ample place for everything as well as many small hints
  • Dragon-Blooded character sheet
  • Cheat Sheet for Social Combat and regular Combat
  • Inofficial Calendar (in color!)
  • Battlewheel including instructions
  • The Armorium - weapons galore!

Wiki Contributions

A few of the major things on this wiki that I contributed or worked on.


  • Main Page, The design of the current main page
  • The Logo in the top left corner. I did it.

Major Edits