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This project began with the creation of a design and script that allows for the converion of XML Charm Data into handy Charm Card PDFs. This page is to help coordinate that project and give an overview over the XML structure and the required/completed XML datasets.

You can learn more about the project in the following RPGnet threads (newest on top):

Download the latest versions here:

The XML Structure

You can learn more about XML here: Wikipedia XML Article

The XML file opens with:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

and it closes with:


In between those tags you can find the individual charms, each of which looks as follows:

		<name>Charm Name</name>
		<exalt>Exalt Icon</exalt>
		<ability>Trait Icon</ability>
			<keyword>Keyword 1</keyword>
			<keyword>Keyword 2</keyword>
			<para>Charm Text goes here.</para>
			<para><mote>81</mote> = 81 Motes</para>
			<para><willpower>2</willpower> = 2 Willpower Points</para>
			<para><experience>3</experience> = 3 Experience Points</para>
			<para><bashing>4</bashing> = 4 Bashing Health Levels</para>
			<para><lethal>5</lethal> = 5 Lethal Health Levels</para>
			<para><aggravated>6</aggravated> = 6 Aggravated Health Levels</para>


To explain:

card data goes in here.
the Charm's name. Names longer than ~35 letters will probably have to be abbreviated to fit within the card's layout.
the name of the Exalt Type to which the Charm belongs (currently use only "Solar", "Abyssal", "Terrestrial", "Lunar", "Sidereal" or "Terrestrial Martial Arts", "Celestial Martial Arts" or "Sidereal Martial Arts")
the name of the Ability under which the Charm falls. Something like "Archery" or "Presence". For Martial Arts, this is the Style name: "Snake", "Tiger", "Solar Hero", "Violet Bier of Sorrows" etc.
a container block for activation info; cost, timing, etc.
the Charm's cost. Must be inside a stats block. This tag is not used currently but it's here for completions sake and to allow us to possibly change the layout and still be able to use the XML data.
the Charm's type. Recommended values are "Simple (Speed X; DV -Y)", "Reflexive (Step X [or Step Y])", "Supplemental", or "Extra Action". Must be inside a stats block.
the Charm's duration. As with cost, anything really complicated should just say "see text". Must be inside a stats block.
a container for the list of keywords.
(notice that the keyword is singular compared to keywords). Each keyword of a charm is within a set of "keyword" tags. There's really no room for more than 4-5 keywords, but I don't think there are any published Charms that have more than that. If you run into one, please let me know, as my card layout may need to be adjusted.
a container block for the Charm text.
a paragraph of Charm text. You should use this even if there's only one paragraph. Try to summarise heavily here; Must be inside a text block.
The first line of a Charm effect should always begin with the cost followed by ": ". That means a charm effect costing 3 motes starts with "<mote>3</mote>: ", a charm costing 1 mote per die starts with "<mote>1</mote> / die: " and a charm effect without cost starts with "<mote>0</mote>:". This setup should be familiar to those with some experience with the magic CCG.
a container block for the source info.
the name of the book in which the Charm is published. Extremely lengthy names should be abbreviated.
the page number on which the Charm description starts. You can specify a range (e.g., "45-47") if it's a really long description.
a container block for the Charm requirements.
The level of the apporpriate Trait required (number between 1 and 10)
The level of Essence required (number between 1 and 10)

a cost in motes. Ranges from 0-99. Must be inside a cost or para block.
a cost in Willpower. Ranges from 0-9. Must be inside a cost or para block.
a cost in Experience Points. Ranges from 0-9. Must be inside a cost or para block.
a cost in bashing health levels. Ranges from 0-9. Must be inside a cost or para block.
a cost in lethal health levels. Ranges from 0-9. Must be inside a cost or para block.
a cost in aggravated health levels. Ranges from 0-9. Must be inside a cost or para block.

An effect which activates when the charm is used with Lunar Fury. Must be inside a para block.

The Datasets

Below you can find a list of the different charm sets and their status.

  • Completed - this set is finished and marked bold.
  • Validation - this set was written up and recieved by the Project Lead but needs verfication. Marked italic
  • In-Progress - this set is being worked on by name
  • Open - this set is still up for grabs.

Charm sets (and thus PDF files) are sorted by the book the Charms appear in. This makes it easier for us to put them into compliations that do not have to be extended at a later date. This also makes it quick for you to download an "upgrade" once a new book is released.

For all charm sets that are not-open, the name of the contributers is listed behind the status

Creation and Submission

If you want to write up some Charm Data, please let me, Democritus the project coordinator, know by sending an email to Democritus[this-is-where-the-at-sign-goes]gmx.de. It'd be helpful if you could add "[XML Charms]" to the subject line. This ensures that your mail does not get filtered as spam. It'd be good if you could state in that mail which Charm-set you want to take on, from one of the lists below. Be sure to only go for the slots that say open, all others are either already done or in-progress.

Once I give you the okay, simply edit the list on this page, adding your name to the charm set in question. If there already is some data there in the set, copy that from the subpage as a basis for your work. If there is nothing, take a look at other pages for examples.

When writing the Charm Data, please note that the Excellencies are repeated at the start of each charm set. You can find the basic writeup for the appropriate Exalted Type at the top of the lists below. Be sure to change the Trait names though. A simple Search&Replace should suffice for that.

Once you're done either updated the subpage with your new XML data or send your data as an attachment to Democritus. It's preferable if you do both, but as I regularly check the wiki this is not neccessary.

Second Edition Core (Solar Charms)

MoEP: The Lunars (Lunar Charms)

MoEP: Dragon-Blooded (DB Charms)

Raw-data (not containing the charm text itself) was supplied by HertzaHaeon and modified by Democritus

Note: If you write up charms, it wouldn't hurt to double check the data that's already in there. No idea if some mistakes have creeped in...

MoEP: Sidereals (Sidereal Charms)

Raw-data (not containing the charm text or the cost itself) was supplied by Jontu Kontar/Paul Adams, converted by Urs Reupke and modified by Democritus.

Note: These raw data sets do not contain the Excellencies yet. Please copy them in yourself. Also it wouldn't hurt to double check the Raw Data - no idea if some mistakes have creeped in...

MoEP: Abyssals (Abyssal Charms)

Scroll of the Monk

Other possible Charm sets

  • SPIRIT charms

Project Credits


(number of contributions)

Martin 'Democritus' Nerurkar:

  • Design of revised card layout
  • Creation of layout graphics
  • Creation of Exalt Symbols
  • Updating of layout CSS
  • Extension of XML structure
  • XML input validation
  • Project Managment

David J Prokopetz:

  • Project Inititiator
  • Comissioning of Ability Symbols
  • Creation of early layout CSS
  • Establishing XML structure

James 'Bazzalisk' Barrett:

  • Fixalted Wiki

XML Content

(number of contributions)

Corbin M

  • Sidereal Awareness
  • Sidereal Bureaucracy
  • Sidereal Craft
  • Sidereal Dodge
  • Sidereal Integrity
  • Sidereal Investigation
  • Sidereal Larceny
  • Sidereal Linguistics
  • Sidereal Lore
  • Sidereal Medicine
  • Sidereal Occult
  • Sidereal Performance
  • Sidereal Presence
  • Sidereal Resistance
  • Sidereal Ride
  • Sidereal Sail
  • Sidereal Socialize
  • Sidereal Stealth
  • Sidereal Survival
  • Sidereal Thrown
  • Sidereal War
  • CMA Violet Bier of Sorrows

James 'Bazzalisk' Barrett:

  • Solar Lore
  • Lunar Excellency
  • Lunar Strength
  • Lunar Dexterity
  • Lunar Appearance
  • Lunar Perception
  • DB Archery
  • DB Awareness
  • DB Bureaucracy
  • DB Craft
  • DB Dodge
  • DB Integrity
  • DB Investigation
  • DB Linguistics
  • DB Ride

Koen Brugmans

  • DB Larceny
  • DB Lore
  • DB Martial Arts
  • DB Medicine
  • DB Presence
  • DB Sail
  • DB Socialize
  • DB Survival
  • DB Occult
  • DB Resistance
  • DB Thrown
  • Sidereal Archery
  • Sidereal Athletics
  • Sidereal Melee

Dan Gerold:

  • Solar Awareness
  • Solar Bureaucracy
  • Solar Dodge
  • Solar Larceny
  • Solar Linguistics
  • Solar Occult
  • Solar Ride
  • Solar Sail
  • Solar Socialize
  • Solar Stealth

James Stuart

  • Solar Excellency (corrections)
  • Solar Athletics
  • Solar Craft
  • Solar Integrity
  • Solar Investigation
  • Solar Medicine
  • Solar Thrown
  • Solar War

Martin 'Democritus' Nerurkar:

  • Solar Excellency
  • Solar Archery (partial)
  • Solar Martial Arts (Solar Hero Extensions)
  • Solar Resistance
  • Solar Survival
  • Lunar Stamina
  • DB Excellency
  • DB Performance
  • Sidereal Excellency
  • Sidereal Martial Arts

Creg Empey

  • TMA Five Dragon Style
  • TMA Terrestrial Hero Style
  • CMA Air Dragon Style
  • CMA Lunar Hero Style

Grey Hunter

  • Lunar Manipulation
  • Lunar Intelligence

James Neal

  • Lunar Wits
  • DB Melee

Kuhan / Blair:

  • Solar Performance
  • Solar Presence


  • DB Stealth
  • DB War

David J Prokopetz:

  • Solar Archery (partial)


  • DB Athletics

Jamison Cooper-Leavitt:

  • Solar Melee

Lady Zest

  • Lunar Charisma

Mike Tilly / HertzaHaeon

  • DB Raw Data

Paul Adams / Jontu Kontar

  • Sidereal Raw Data

Urs Reupke

  • Anathema Raw Data Conversion (Sidereals)