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		<name>Hill-Hurling Might</name>
			<para><mote>3</mote>: This charm adds +5 to the user's [Strength + Athletics] for the purposes of what he can throw as a weapon. It also multiplies the attack's base Range by 10, and increases the attack's Accuracy to +3 instead of -3.</para>
			<para>If the attack hits a creature smaller than the size of the object, the target automatically falls prone beneath the object. She must lift the object off of her as a feat of strenghth as a miscellanious action, or use some other means to free herself. The target gains full cover until she escapes.</para>
			<para>This Charm may supplement only Thrown attacks using improvised projectiles.</para>
			<title>MoEP: The Abyssals</title>